Quantrax’s investment in the development of I-Tel will be significant. Investing in the research and development is something Quantrax has always taken great pride in doing over the years, and with a complex system such as a dialer, it is very important to make sure that new technology and new functional requirements are incorporated into the product. Today, I-Tel is a stable, flexible product that offers all the different forms of outbound dialing, inbound call management and call recording. It is also fully integrated with Intelec and does not require downloads of calling lists or uploads of dialer activity to to Intelec. As we add functionality to Intelec, there will be corresponding changes to I-Tel in the area of the dialer product and its integration with Intelec.

Following is a list of some of the the enhancements that are presently being developed. Along with the item, we have projected the anticipated version and time frame in which the change will be available. Note that these dates are subject to change.

Release 10.2

This is the first release of version 10.2. It is currently being installed within our client base.

It is compatible with and requires Intelec version 8.26.

The key features are:

  • Master/Slave Licensing
  • Softdial Publisher and Reporter
  • Improved call monitoring facilities (coaching / barge-in) to an agent session
  • Skills Based routing
  • SAPI-based TTS

Dynamic Provisioning and Configuration

  • Supervisor Tools
  • Reassigning Agents to other campaigns
  • Campaign Job Management (Starting/Stopping Campaigns)
  • Changing Scripter2 Configuration
  • IVR Agent allocation

Other Features

  • Pop the Alert monitor Run an external command (eg sendemal)
  • Send a message to CallGem (eg launch a workflow process)
  • Encryption of DTMF Digits

Release 10.3

This is the first release of version 10.3. It is currently being developed by Sytel. It will be delivered to Quantrax by July 31st and will be tested in the first two weeks of August.

The key features are:

  • Call Recording Viewer
  • Other features yet to be determined.