As the internet and its use rapidly develop, it has become necessary for the collection industry to exploit these technologies and increase efficiencies. One of the new challenges facing the debt collection agencies is delivery of information to their clients. The internet provides us with several new choices with regard to delivery of reports to your clients. Quantrax has recognized the benefits of providing internet-based options for clients to access reports, see up to date information on the progress of collections, provide the collection agency with new accounts to be collected  (electronic uploads) etc. As a firt step, we have opted to invest in the providing your clients with access to client reports. This module is linked to Intelec, the collection management system which is the flagship product of Quantrax. As the first step on providing web-based facilities to our clients, Quantrax will introduce the "Web-Based Client Reports Module".


The following options will be available.

  • You will have the ability to set up the clients for whom the reports are to be delivered through the web. The set up would be similar to the E-mail options that are currently available at the client master level. Currently, the following standard Intelec reports are available in this module.

    1. Placement History
    2. Status report
    3. Close out report
    4. Regression report
    5. Activity History
    6. Acknowledgements
  • Once the option is set up for a client to have reports sent to the web, the reports generated  in Intelec (using the standard menu options for generating the above reports) will be converted to PDF and HTML formats and send to the web server.
  • Once the reports are sent to the web server, your clients are able to view their reports through a web site.
  • The clients would be provided with a user name and a password that allow them to access their reports (in a manner similar to the way we can look at our bank statements through on-line banking options)
  • Once the clients log in with user name and password, a list of reports available would be displayed.
  • The clients have the option to view the reports or download the reports in PDF format. Once downloaded, the clients would be able to print the reports.
  • There is an option to password-protect reports in PDF format.
  • You can easily manage the way in which reports are generated. New options are available in Intelec for this purpose. There is an application available that can control what the clients are able to see even after the reports are generated.
  • It is easy to set up the users that are allowed to log in and view the reports.
  • Options are available to provide SSL security when clients login and download reports.
  • There is an easily customizable web based interface.

With this system, you will :

  • Revolutionize the way you deliver reports to clients.
  • Save time and money. It would no longer be necessary to print reports and mail them to clients. 
  • Clients could always have the most up-to-date with regard to statistics and their accounts.
  • As this module is integrated with Intelec, the reports can be sent to the web seamlessly with little additional work required on your part.
  • There is no direct database connection from the web server to the iSeries. Hence this solution is extremely secure.
  • Your client only needs a web browser to access their reports.

General Architecture

The Intelec Report Access Module consists of following components.

1. New options in Intelec

These are the options that would be available once this module is installed along with Intelec. The user would be able to setup what reports that clients are allowed to see from the web. These changes would apply to the client master setup within Intelec.

2. Intelec Report Access Server

This is a windows service (runs in the background of the web server) that is responsible for accepting the reports sent to the server. The file transfer occurs only after an initial validation phase. The server would validate if the iSeries that sends the reports is authorized to do so. This is a configurable option.

3. Intelec Report Access Monitor

This is a windows service (runs in the background of the web server) that is responsible for updating the database that  contains report information. It would periodically look at a particular folder and move the reports to a correct location so that report is available for download by the client.

4. Intelec Report Access Manager

This is an application that resides on the web server that allow the collection agency to define the clients that are allowed to access the reports through the web. The application can also control the Intelec Report Access Server and the Intelec Report Access Monitor. It also possible for the collection agencies to specify which iSeries are able to send the reports to the server. Multiple iSeries can send reports to a single web server.

Here are some examples of the screens you will see within the Report Access Manager.

 Setup users that are allowed to access the web

 Specify which reports that users are able to see even after the reports are generated

5.Intelec Report Access Web
Intelec Report Access Web can be accessed only by authorized clients. They would be able to view a list of reports that are available for them. The web would be easily customizable according to your needs. For example the web can be edited to be consistent with your corporate web site.

 Authorised users could log in to view reports

 Users will see a list of reports available for download

System Requirements
Following are the hardware requirements.

You can use any personal computer that is suitable for use as a web-server.

For example:

-Desktop Personal computer
     -Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 520 w/HT Technology (2.80GHz, 800FSB)
     -512MB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 400MHz (2x256M)
     -80GB SATA (7,200RPM) Hard Drive  

Software requirements

    -Microsoft Windows 2003 Server (Standard Edition)
    -Web Server – Internet Information Services (Version 5.1 or Later)
    -iSeries Access for Windows (Version V5R2)  

3rd Party Services (Optional)
    - VeriSign SSL Certificate – (128 bit encryption – Secure Site Pro)