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Updated - January 24th, 2006

We are motivated to provide our clients with tools that take advantage of the internet. Based on your feedback, we decided that the initial investment should be in technology that allows your client to view, download and print standard Intelec reports from a web browser. This would be similar to a person going to their bank's web site and looking at their statements. We would need to be able to :

Please review this link for additional information. This will be a separate and billable option. The option is available with Intelec Release 8.0.

The following is a description of the hardware and software requirements. Cost estimates are also included.

Software and Hardware requirements

PC software requirements

i.                     Microsoft Windows 2003 Server (Standard Edition)

ii.                   Web Server – Internet Information Services (Version 5.1 or Later)

iii.                  Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Recommended)

iv.                 iSeries Access for Windows (Version V5R2)        

v.                   Microsoft Access 2003 Professional  (Recommended)

iSeries Software Requirements

i.                     OS/400 version V5R1 or later

3rd Party Services

i.                     VeriSign SSL Certificate – (128 bit encryption – Secure Site Pro) (Recommended)

Desktop Personal computer *

Other requirements

If the customer already has the requirements mentioned above (i.e. they already host a Web Site) the web-based client reports module could be integrated with the current web site of the customer.

Cost estimate for deployment

Following is the cost estimate for deployment of web-based client reports along with the recommended system requirements.


Estimated Cost


PC Software Requirements

Microsoft 2003 Server R2

(Standard Edition)


With (5 CALS)

Web Server

(Internet Information Services 5.1 or Later)


Available with Microsoft 2003 Server Standard Edition

Adobe Acrobat Reader


Not required but recommended

iSeries Access for Windows

(Version V5R1 or later)


It is assumed that the client already has this.

Microsoft Access 2003 Professional


Not required but recommended

iSeries Software Requirements

OS/400 Version V5R1 or Later


It is assumed that the client already has this.

3rd Party Services

VeriSign SSL Certificate

(128 bit encryption – Secure Site Pro)


$ 995.00

(per Year)

1 – Year certificate

2 – Year certificate is 1,790

Not required but recommended.

Hardware Requirements

Desktop Personal Computer

$ 800.00

Any PC that is suitable as a web server on Windows 2003 Server platform.

Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 520 w/HT Technology (2.80GHz, 800FSB)

512MB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 400MHz (2x256M)

80GB SATA (7,200rpm) Hard Drive  

Basic Configuration Information

Total Estimated Cost :

$ 3023.00

With a recurring cost of
$995.00 per year