Thank you for an excellent meeting! It was the largest turnout based on the the number of companies represented. We must interpret that as an endorsement of Quantrax, its vis
ion and its technology, as well as your appreciation of the value of superior, innovative collection technology.

We covered many areas and this document will provide details and updates for those who attended and those who were not able to make it. In addition to our users, we would like to thank EPP (Billing Tree) for joining us again, and being available to answer any questions on electronic payments. Their contribution of an iPod was won by Rick Bates.

Tuttle Sullivan & Company, an IBM business partner who has provided hardware for several of our clients, kindly donated an iPod Touch, which was won by Bill Hopkinson.

A note to our clients from Tuttle Sullivan -

"Tuttle, Sullivan & Company would like to extend a token of our kindest appreciation for the opportunity to serve the clients of Quantrax. It has been our privilege to work with you and to get to know you, and we are sincerely grateful for the opportunities to serve such a superb group of businessmen and women."

These folks have done some great work, including getting our clients up on the latest IBM boxes and IBM Version 6.1 of the operating system. If you need a hardware vendor, please give them a call. Jim Davidson, our key contact, can be reached at (512) 535-0333. His e-mail address is

Thank you for your appreciation of Sherry Stewart Deutschmann, CEO of Letter Logic Inc. who has a tremendous product and company - Her contribution of a Wii is appreciated and Debbie Porter of Trustmark was the lucky winner of that prize. Unfortunately, we did not have time to draw the special prize of an expense paid vacation to Hawaii in winter! We will have to remember that next year!

Summary of the meeting

On the first day, we started with reviewing our dialer platform and the plans for the future. We had Gary Pearson from Sytel and Steve Townend from Quantrax handle tPat Leonharthat segment of the meeting. We followed with a (surprisingly) well-attended design session for our future technology. We thank those who participated and gave us valuable input.

Then it was on to the main conference which lasted a day and a half.

In this document, we will provide more details of what was presented at the conference. In the coming weeks, we will get back to you, asking for your commitment to move forward with some of our new technologies. In the past, we have been hurt by a lack of interest in promising technology that had a place in your company. For us to remain a viable company, there must be a willingness to invest in what we build. From your reaction at the meeting, it is clear that everything we have created has a place in your future. We have to be sensitive to the present economic conditions too. We will look forward to your positive responses as we come up with plans for making the technology available and affordable!

RMEx presentation and licensing

The highlight of the conference was the presentation of RMEx, the product that will replace the very successful Intelec. Here are copies of that presentation, Part 1 and Part 2. You will need to have a recent version of Quicktime and your sound turned on.

Read the documentation for the first version of RMEx.

There will be no charge to convert Intelec licenses to RMEx licenses. The new product must be re-licensed for a specific number of users, based on the present licensing levels.

Maintenance fees will be as follows :

These are extremely competitive rates and allow us to continue to invest and develop this exciting technology.

Presentation by John Bedard

Don't we all hate attorneys? But this was one attorney you had to love! For those of you who had not heard of him, we were very pleased to present Jon Bedard at our meeting. We know that everyone thoroughly enjoyed John's great presentation.

John H. Bedard, Jr. is a partner with the law firm of Franzen & Salzano, P.C., located in Atlanta, Georgia. John represents creditors and collection agencies nationwide helping them stay in compliance with state and federal law. He also manages the nationwide litigation for several collection agencies and focuses his litigation practice on FDCPA and FCRA defense. He received his law degree from the Syracuse University College of Law and his undergraduate degree in Economics from the Pennsylvania State University. He can be reached at Franzen & Salzano, P. C., 40 Technology Parkway South, Suite 202, Norcross, Georgia, 30092. Phone: 770-248-2885ext. 244. Fax: 770-248-2883. E-mail:

This is a complex business and we hope you will consider John as a resource for your legal consulting. He clearly is an expert who not only understands current legislation, but can also practically apply it to collections. I know we all learned a lot from him. You can download his presentation here.

Ideas for the product

As always, we received some great feedback for the product. That information has been summarized here.

I-Biz, our advanced reporting and business intelligence (BI) platform

We announced an exciting partnership with Metric Tracker to deploy a powerful BI platform for Intelec and RMEx. You can download a white paper here.

The product is priced as follows (Based on Intelec license levels) -

There is a set up fee of $2,000, and you will, after 6 months, need to purchase a copy of SQL Server.

Here is some useful information on the system requirements.

Database product needed: SQL Server 2005 or 2008

SQL Server is a powerful, robust, Windows-based database platform. It's actually a collection of database tools and components used in every step of the I-Biz platform:

* SQL Server Integration Services - ETL (Extract-Transform-Load), scheduled job
* SQL Server Relational Database Management System - relational database to house Intelec data
* SQL Server Analysis Services - OLAP cube to house Intelec data
* SQL Server Reporting Services - web-based report client and scheduler (optional)

All I-Biz clients need this server product. Licensed by processor, this software normally costs $6,000 standard or $25,000 enterprise, but we license it by concurrent user to keep costs down. Purchased through Microsoft Volume Licensing, the cost of SQL Server Standard is only $885 + $162 per CAL (typical users need 1-5 CALs). (We typically start on a 6 month evaluation version of SQL Server, so the server software costs are delayed.)

Except for large operations, this software need not be run on an expensive server. In many cases, a newer desktop with plenty of disk space (500 GB) and RAM (2-4 GB) will do. (Note: Large operations may need a 64-bit server with 4-32 GB RAM.)

Reporting Clients: We can output results to a variety of off-the-shelf reporting clients.

* Microsoft Excel 2007 - This is our standard / recommended client. Many clients already have Microsoft Office. For those who do not, Microsoft Excel 2007 costs $229 retail (or $110 to upgrade).
* SQL Server Reporting Services (web-based) - no software cost (custom development charges may apply)
* Tableau Software - $1,440 Professional Creator License, Viewer Licenses Free (Web-Based Server option also available) (custom development charges may apply)

Visual Suite for Collectors

We are happy to announce this product, which is a redesigned user interface for collectors. It combines the reliable legacy code of Intelec with the best that PC technology has to offer. The result is a user-friendly, productive, web-enabled interface for collectors. You can review the product here. In the coming weeks we will contact our clients and offer each one a no-cost trial to evaluate the product. While green screens may be productive for collection efforts, PC's give us the opportunity to display more information on a screen, to be more flexible and to project the image that you are a "state-of-the-art" organization!

There are different configurations for using this option. You may opt for

With regard to pricing, you will need IBM HATS licenses based on the number of users who will be using the product at one time (concurrent users). The list price of HATS licenses are $130 per license. We may be able to get you a lower price depending on volumes we commit to. There is also an unlimited license, where you pay for 100 users and can use the system for as many users as you would like.

In addition to the HATS licenses, there is a fee for licensing the product from Quantrax. If you are a very recent client (within the last 18 months), we may have included this in your license fee. In other cases, the following charges will apply. These are one-time charges and there will be no maintenance fees.

Graphical interface for RMEx

We have a Visual Suite for Collectors. What about the rest of RMEx? After much research, we selected Profound Logic Software's modernization tool Genie.
This product will make all of RMEx a web-enabled product. It will present all the green screens in a PC-type format. Although we can do a great deal more with the new product, the screens will be identical to the green screens in content. You should consider this product in ADDITION TO the Visual Suite for Collectors. Although you are not likely to see a gain in productivity for managers and clerical functions, it WILL modernize your application. Green screens are not fashionable and this may be the best time to consider a change!

From Profound Logic Software's web site -

Genie is the most exciting green-screen modernization tool for the System i. It provides System i users with an intuitive, non-intrusive method to modernize all of their legacy green-screens.
Genie is 100% browser-based and produces standard HTML with no need for PC Clients, ActiveX Controls, or Applets. This means you can deploy Genie to hundreds of users instantly without installing anything on their machine. Using Genie's codeless visual designer, you can easily enhance your applications with dropdowns, checkboxes, buttons, charts, tab panels, calendars, links, images, and various other Web elements. Because Genie runs natively on the System i and does not use costly interactive CPW, you can save on hardware costs and experience fast performance just by deploying your green-screens to an enhanced browser interface with Genie.

You can get more information on the product at

Most vendors charge for these tools based on the number of users. We have negotiated a special "CPU-based" price for the rest of 2009. That price is $3,500 and is a one-time fee. For orders placed before August 31, 2009, you can pay for the license in 3 installments. We urge all of you to consider this option as an investment for your future!

Report server (Allows client to access their reports remotely with internet access)

We have revised and updated this product. It allows our standard reports to be put on a "web server" and accessed securely by your clients in the same way you would access your bank accounts on-line. We can easily push modified reports to the same web server. The user will be able to view, download and print the reports. You will need some PC software and a server. The specifications can be found in the following links. There is a cost for the Quantrax components. That cost is $4,000 one time. There will be an annual maintenance fee of $600 after the first year. Check the following links for all you need to know about this useful option!

  Web reports (Web-based reports) (April 2006)
  Web reports (Technical specifications)
  Web reports (User's Guide)

Real time credit card authorization

We demonstrated real- time credit card authorization. There are two parts to this technology.

We did this because we did not want to let your iSeries (AS/400) face the outside word, for security reasons! The iSeries will talk to a PC and the PC will then talk to your payment gateway.

We have created an interface with Billing Tree (EPP). This will allow a user to be at a credit card screen (single payment, payment arrangement or credit card series) hit a function key and have a credit card authorized in a few seconds. If authorized, we will add authorization code to the notes and mark the transaction as "authorized". These transactions do not need to be re-transmitted to EPP if you are using them as your merchant. The interfaces will need to be adjusted accordingly. EPP can also work with other partners you may be working with as a merchant. The advantage in using EPP is that the interface has already been created. You will need a PC that will communicate with EPP. When a transaction is returned, we will send it from the PC to the iSeries. If a transaction is not authorized the user will be notified. A note is added too, along with the reason for the decline. Read EPP's product and pricing here. There are no charges from Quantrax for this option, if you select EPP. Other vendors will require new code and we will need to review those options individually.

Cell phone database

Within the RMEx documentation, you will see information about new base support for identifying cell phones . Should you consider this? If you were at our user conference, you heard about the example where one consumer was awarded $147,000 in damages, because their cell phone was called 98 times! Isn't it time for you to do something?

You will need to obtain the cell phone data bases. We have provided information about the company we have worked with (Interactive Marketing Solutions LLC), in the documentation. The Wireless Block Identifier file is $875 per year and the Ported Number files are $1,195 per year. Even though base code is available and does not cost, there is a set up process which involves checking custom modifications and setting up the cell phone data bases and updates. We are going to charge clients who opt for this product, a nominal $500 to cover our costs for the work needed.

The web site for the company is and the contact is Frank Rigano at 203-653-2762.

The Quantrax team thanks everyone for their support and their business!

© Quantrax Corporation, Inc. Please send comments to